Flooding Ongoing in Upper Lake Melville

There has been flooding problems now for a couple of days in the Upper Lake Melville (ULM) area.

Roy Blake is the Ordinary Member for ULM.

Blake says that the Hamilton River has been rising for two days.

Yesterday afternoon the river had started to rapidly rise in the Mud Lake area.

The majority of the residents are already in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

There are at least seven or eight people still in Mud Lake taking care of three dog teams and houses.

The dogs and people will soon be transferred to Goose Bay by helicopter.

According to Blake there is one house that has been removed from the foundation and there are six or seven houses flooded.

He added that to date this is the highest the river has ever been that he believes the river should’ve been blasted yesterday.

Most of the evacuees have private accommodations, the rest are staying at the E.J. Broomfield Arena.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army are at the arena assisting the ones without accommodations.

If anyone needs help they can call the DHSD Support Team as well at 896-9750.

He also wanted to add that the water level in Goose Bay by the store called D’s Landing is up to the gas pumps now, Birch Island is under water and the water is up by the river bank on Hamilton River Road.