Today’s Easter Games Schedule for Nain

The Easter Games started in Nain on April 15, 2017 with a Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Tournament.

The games will run until April 25, 2017, ending with an awards night.

Today’s events for children started at 1 pm, with a Pajama Day at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Center.

They will also be taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, but you must bring your own ipod or camera to take the picture.

Adult Ice games will be starting at 1 pm on the Nain Harbour as well.

At 5 pm, a recreation Radio Bingo will be rolling, with $1000 to go.

To end the day today, there will be Adult Inuit Games for 13 years and up from 7 to 10 pm at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Center.