Clearing the Way for Labrador – Island Transmission Link Construction

After nearly three years of construction, Labrador Island – Transmission Link (LIL) right-of-way (ROW) clearing and access road construction is complete.

The completion of this significant piece of work has cleared the way for LIL, the High Voltage Direct Current (HVdc) transmission line, being constructed from Muskrat Falls, in Labrador, to Soldiers Pond, on the Avalon Peninsula, and will bring energy from Labrador to the island for the first time in history.

ROW clearing and access road construction for LIL began in June 2014 when the first tree was cut in Labrador.

For the island, clearing and access road construction started in December 2015, on the Northern Peninsula.

Since then, the ROW and associated access roads have been constructed for the 1,100 km long transmission line to provide safe access and travel for workers constructing LIL.

ROW clearing and access road construction was completed in Labrador in January 2016; the same work was completed from the Northern Peninsula to Soldiers Pond in March 2017.

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